Thursday, May 20, 2010


I bet you're sick and tired of looking for a simple way to make extra cash on line and finding everywhere the same things. Every website you've visited promised to have the best idea, but every one of them ended up with the same few ones
Let's face it. Reading emails, taking surveys, being a freelance, affiliate programs, selling on ebay, writing ebooks, they all sound good at first sight, but is it what you had in mind? Do they satisfy your expectations about the thought of making extra cash?
If they do I am very happy for you, but something tells me that if you've come across this blog, maybe you're looking for something different, something I might give you
How does it sound making something like 1,000 usd in less than a hour? Ridiculous? Maybe, or maybe not.

This is a screenshot of a transaction with 940 usd of profit in 36 minutes.
But what is it?
This is a transaction in a forex market. Forex (Foreign Exchange) is a currency market where I invest my money and my clients' money. It's just like trading stocks or futures, but in this case you buy/sell currencies rather than stocks.

Having 5 times as much as you invested seems impossible?

How can you do that?
Don't worry, you don't have to do anything. I'll do it. I am a trader and that's what I do for a living. After years of trading stocks and futures market, I moved to forex market because it offers more opportunities.

What should you do to make it work?
After contacting me I will explain everything, but in a nutshell you will open a trading account and I will trade it. That's why you don't have to do anything.

Worried about some Ponzi scheme?
There is no reason to be worried. You don't have to send me a cent. the trading account will be in your name and only you can make deposit or withdrawal. It means that if John Smith opens a trading account, only Mr Smith can make a deposit on this trading account, and only Mr Smith can make a withdrawal from it. I can only have access to trade the account and make money for you.
There is no lock-up period like HYIP program, you can withdraw or close your account when you wish with no penalty fee.

You can decide between 2 different choices.
1. You can have your money traded as long as you whish and withdraw the profit whenever you like.
2 You will open your trading account and let me trade it untill the target is reached. You want to make 1,000 usd, I will trade untill your account will reach 1,000 usd of profit.
Too good to be true? There is only a way to know it. Contact me and I will explain how to make money fast and easy.